Ref: BPFT3

Low Profile Brake Pedal Force Transducer - 2200 N

  • Strain gauge brake pedal force sensor
  • Capacity: 0-2200 N, compression
  • Non-linearity: 0.5% of measuring range
  • Compensation of transverse forces
  • Mounts on the serial pedal using a clamp adapter.
  • Supply voltage: 10 VDC
  • Operating temperature : -40 +150°C
  • NIST calibration certificate included

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The Michigan Scientific Low Profile Brake Pedal Force Transducer 3 (BPFT3) is a precision strain gage based transducer. It attaches directly onto a vehicle’s brake pedal quickly and securely by removing the rubber pad from the vehicle’s brake pedal and tightening the single retaining bolt to the padless pedal.

The measurement range is from 0 to 2200N (230 kg), with an accuracy of 0.5% of full scale even when the force is not perfectly centered. The Transducer is delivered with a calibration certificate.


The sensor mounts directly on the original pedal, after removing the rubber coating. It is tightened with a single screw. Designed to accommodate the brake pedal size of most manual transmission equipped vehicles, the low profile and size closely duplicates the shape and feel of a production brake pedal, while adding minimal height and weight. It features high accuracy for both on-center and off-center loading.


Options et accessoires

  • Mounting clamp
  • Output signal conditioning
  • Display / recorder
Pedal fore sensor
Measuring Range
Precision (max error)
0.5 %
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.5 %
0.1 % FS
0 % FS
Température de fonctionnement
-40 to 150 °C
Analog output signal
Output Signal
1.5 mV/V
Résistance du pont
350 Ω
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Measurement direction
Measuring Range (Force)
1 - 100 kN
Mounting clamp Pedal height mini [mm] Pedal height maxi [mm]
Standard 38.1 50
Extended 50.8 76.2
  • Mounting set
  • Display
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Acquisition system

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