Pinch-Force Meters - Railway

Pinch-Force Meters - Railway

Closing force control of train and tram doors (interior, exterior).

These systems are used for the development and verification of doors in validation, production and maintenance. They comply with the safety standards currently in force

Système de mesure de force de fermeture

BIA 600

Closing force measurement system - train doors
Pinch force measurement system

BIA Class 1 - Standard / Bluetooth

Pinch force measurement system - bus and tram doors
Mesure  de force  de pincement pour toit ouvrant


Pinch force measurement for sunroof, motorised tailgate and side windows
mesure de force de fermeture vitres électriques

FM-205 - Standard / Bluetooth

Pinchforce measurement system for side windows
Anti-pinch device for motorised tailgate


Anti-pinch device for motorised tailgate
Mesure de la force de fermeture de portes d'ascenseur conforme EN81, EN14120


Closing force measurement of lift doors according to EN81, EN14120
Bus door closing force checker

Original BIA Class 2 - Bus

Bus door closing force tester - 0-310N or 0-750N
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