inclinomètre de précision

High precision tilt sensors

These inclinometers are used for tilt angle measurement when high accuracy and repeatability are required. The inclination measurement is done up to 3 axes dynamically and simultaneously, on inclination ranges that can reach -180 to + 180 °.

Slaved inclinometers offer the best accuracy (0.02%) and resolutions (1 µradian). Capacitive MEMS inclinometers are the best compromise between precision / robustness / budget / bandwidth. Electrolytic sensors have negligible time drift, and are used primarily in geophysics.

These tilt sensors are used for test instrumentation, for work supervision, buildings, as well as in railways (rail, train), offshore platforms, elevators, production lines, etc.

Precision Servo Inclinometers (Force-Balanced)

  • Ranges: ±0.5° to ±90°.
  • Accurate to the milli degree
  • Bandwidth : 5 to 30 Hz
  • Analog or digital versions
  • Scientific applications, offshore platforms, antennas, railway...
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Low-cost / OEM Tilt sensors

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Compact and robust
  • Analog (voltage, 4-20 mA) or digital output
  • Applications: machine tools, construction equipment, civil engineering
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Geotechnical Inclinometers

  • Robust, stable & sensitive
  • Detection of variations up to 2.5 nanoradians
  • Application: seabed
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Tiltmeters with Display

  • Integrated display
  • Mobile or fixed use
  • Applications: building monitoring, platform upgrades.
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