Torque Sensors

Torque Sensors

Industrial torque sensors allow dynamic torque measurement on a rotating axis or static torque measurements with flange mounting.

Torque measurements are based on strain gauges. The signal transmission is contactless, which guarantees high measurement accuracy, a very high dynamic response and a long service life.

The measuring ranges are between 0.01 Nm to 100 kNm. A rotational speed and angle output are available as an option for precise and real-time measurement of mechanical power and efficiency.

Rotary Torque transducer

  • Range: ±0.01 Nm to ±20 kNm
  • Speed: up to 37,000 rpm
  • Accuracy: up to 0.05%.
  • Smooth shafts, square or hexagonal section, key
  • Testing of motors, transmissions, instrumentation and tooling
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Reaction Torque Transducer

  • Range: ±0.01 Nm to ±100 kNm
  • Accuracy: up to 0.05%.
  • Smooth shafts or flanges
  • Small footprint
  • Test bench, tooling verification
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