About Us

About Us

PM Instrumentation provides measurement solutions with the highest degree of performance and most reliable products. We assist industries and research labs with making their products more performant, more resiliant and safer with the most accurate measurement solutions. Allowing them to test equipments in the harshest conditions: cryogenics, high-pressure, statitc or highly dynamic, submerged or in space...

Our customer's partner

If several companies have been trusting us for more than 30 years it's because we believe in a relationship with our customers based on:

  • performance
  • trust
  • integrity
  • reliability
  • creativity

With every demands, our first effort is aimed toward the comprehension of the job, environement and restrictions of our customer. This approach is essential to determine the best solution to perfectly meet the needs of the customer's project and makes us one of the actors of our customer's success.

From first consultation to support, everything is individual!

Each customer, from small offices to multinational corporations, is followed by our team of sales engineers individually. We follow every developments and take into consideration our customer's restrictions and expectations to find custom made solutions. We believe this individual approach assures the proximity and reactivity every company is expected to move forward!

ISO 9001 : 2015 certified!

PM Instrumentation was audited and certified in december 2019 for sales and marketing of transducers and measurement systems. Attached consulting, support and services activities. You can find our certificate here.

What we value

PM Instrumentation showcases a broad range of sensors and measurement systems. We are permanently looking for new technologies to answer our growing customer's and partner's demands.

Our flexibilities and our experience in measurement solutions allow for a constant implication in most research and industry activities in France.






Our partners

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