Enjoy a brand-new high-quality measurement system with a thoughtful budget. Delivered at your offices. A training to make the handling of the products easier is included.

Tailored Renting

Whether it is for the achievement of a ponctual test project, the management of an overwhelming schedule or to follow a limited budget plan, renting sensors and measurement systems holds many advantages and is the best alternative in some cases:

  • All-inclusive package: the measurement system is taking care of by us, giving you time to concentrate on your own job, everything with cost-efficiency.

  • Flexibility: lead time for renting are essentially shorter than those required in purchases. Rental agreements from 4 weeks to 84 months, allowing for an adequate length in accordance with the actual duration of the needs.

  • Financial solutions: renting can come with a purchasing proposition, allowing for a budget confirmation while enjoying a financial solution preserving financing flows and avoiding unwanted debts.

Product type available for rent:

  • 6 Axis Wheel Force Transducer
  • Pinch Force Measurement System
  • Signal Conditioning Devices
  • Amplifier / Digital Panel Meters

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