Ref: Model T3

3-channel end of shaft Induction Telemetry System | strain gages or thermocouples

  • 3-channel wireless transmission system
  • for high speed applications
  • Installation : end of shaft
  • Induction powered
  • Sample rate up to 7 kHz per channel
  • No components to wear out or mantain
  • Configurable for strain gauge or thermocouple

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The T3 telemetry system is designed to quickly and effectively transmit strain gauge or thermocouple signals on a high speed instrumented shaft. The signals are digitally transmitted with error checking via RF Telemetry, providing stable and accurate measurements free of dropouts or signal spikes.

The T3’s compact, bearing free housing was specifically designed to minimize size and weight to allow for long term, high speed testing. The system has no wear components and requires no periodic maintenance. The T3 has been proven at 24,000 rpm, and an upper speed limit has not been established.

The T-series Telemetry is inductively powered. Install the Primary Inductive Coil 3 mm to 5 mm (approximately) away from the T3 unit and it will provide power to the rotating telemetry unit. The receiving antennas can be installed further away (1 m to 3 m) from the rotating T3. The receiving antennas (up to 9 m in length) are connected to the telemetry receiver which provides ±10 V analog output for each channel. Other induction options are available upon request.





  • Vehicle testing
  • Component testing
  • Turbomachinery testing
  • transmission testing
  • torque measurement
Input channels


  • gain
  • bande passante
  • nombre de voies
  • géométrie
  • option haute vitesse
  • Contre-poids

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