Effort measurement on an exoskeleton

Mesure d'effort sur un exosquelette


A manufacturer of autonomous exoskeleton that rely on robotic and artificial intelligence technologies to simulate human walking.


The manufacturer is in the prototyping phase and wants to know the different efforts applied to the ankle on a humanoid exoskeleton prototype, to qualify the balance, the behavior and the weight of the lower part of the exoskeleton.

Its major issues are mainly related to a reduced size 25x25mm, the possibility to measure very large efforts in the three directions and a great durability.


PM Instrumentation proposes to this customer the miniature triaxial force sensor, TR3D-B-1K. This miniature triaxial force transducer with a high capacity Fx=Fy=Fz= 4 KN and ultra-miniature dimensions: 25.3 x 25.3 mm can withstand high moments up to 65 Nm and long operating cycles, it perfectly meets the customer's requirements.


The customer has an easily integrated solution that can withstand millions of cycles of use, with excellent measurement repeatability and high accuracy.

Product selection

Three Axis Load Cell

TR3D-A - 3 axes - Fatigue - 4 à 45 kN

Three Axis Load Cell - Round - 4 to 45 kN - Endurance tests
Ruggedized miniature triaxial force transducer

TR3D-B - 3 axes - miniature - 1,1 à 72 kN

Three Axis Load Cell - Square- 100N to 72 kN - Endurance tests
SGA3A - Three Channel Strain Gage Amplifier Box for 3D load cells


Three Channel Strain Gage Amplifier Box for 3D load cells
GSV-1A4 - 4-channel strain-gage amplifier


4-channel strain-gage amplifier
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