Ref: RIPS P501

Miniature high-resolution angular position sensor - ±15° à ±70° - Voltage output

  • Capteur de position angulaire inductif
  • Etendue de mesure : ±15° to ±70°, paramétrage selon demande client
  • Protection : IP 67
  • Diamètre 35mm
  • Température d'utilisation : de -40 °C à 125 °C
  • Bande passante : 10 kHz
  • Précision: 0,5%
  • MTBF: > 350,000 hrs

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P501 RIPS® (Rotary Inductive Position Sensor) is an affordable, durable, high-accuracy rotary sensor designed for industrial and scientific feedback applications with a smaller footprint than the P500. The P501 provides a linear output proportional with input shaft rotation. Each unit is supplied with the output calibrated to the angle required by the customer, between 30 and 140 degrees and with full EMC protection built in. It is particularly suitable for OEMs seeking good sensor performance for applications where space is important.

Overall performance, repeatability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range. The sensor has a rugged nickel plated aluminium body and integrated mounting flange. The flange has two 4.3mm by 20 degree wide slots on a 48mm pitch to simplify mounting and position adjustment. Environmental sealing is to IP67 on the cable version.


  • CALIBRATED TRAVEL: Factory-set to any angle from ±15° to ±70° in increments of 1 degree. Full 360° Mechanical rotation.
  • ELECTRICAL INTERFACE OUTPUT SIGNAL SUPPLY INPUT OUTPUT LOAD: 0.5-4.5V dc ratiometric +5V dc nom. ± 0.5V. 5kΩ min.
  • CONNECTOR/CABLE OPTIONS: Solder pins, Cable with boot IP67, Cable length >50 cm – please specify length in cm
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS: Plain 4 mm diameter shaft with flat or tongue with spring clip .
Rotary position
Etendue de mesure linéaire
1 mm
Measuring range
±0 à ±60°, ≥ ±60°
Etendue de mesure angulaire
30 / 140 °
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.25 %
Bande passante (-3 dB)
10000 Hz
Analog output signal
0-5 VDC
Normes / Certifications
Protection Class
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc


Calibrateur Connecteur

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