Ref: RIPS P500 / X500

Ruggedized inductive angle sensor - +/-8° to +/- 80° - IP67 - ATEX option

  • Measuring range : +/-8° to +/- 80
  • Non-linearity : 0.25% (0.1% optional)
  • Bandwidth : 0-10 kHz (0-300Hz in 4-20 mA)
  • Analogue voltage or current output
  • MTBF : 350,000 hrs at 104°C
  • Axial output connector or cable
  • Mounting : flange or servo motor
  • Operating temperature: -40°F to 257°F
  • Construction : Stainless steel
  • Protection : IP 65/67
  • Diameter : 35mm
  • Shaft diameter : 6mm
  • Intrinsically safe Ex II 1G and Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Ta= -40°C to 80°C) as option

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The RIPS P500 is an accurate and robust inductive angle sensor for scientific and industrial applications. The angle measurement ranges are from 16° to 160°. Each sensor is calibrated according to the needs of the application (useful range and zero). The sensor is powered by DC voltage, and incorporates conditioning electronics for a voltage or 4-20mA output signal compatible with any analogue acquisition system.

The non-contact, inductive technology offers excellent durability (MTBF > 350,000 hours), which is more robust than an RVDT or potentiometric sensor. Another advantage is the excellent frequency response (> 10 kHz) for high-dynamic control or vibration studies.

The analogue output signal is linear with the absolute position (non-linearity: < ± 0.25° for 100° rotation, optionally reduced to ± 0.1°)


The sensor body is made of stainless steel. The RIPS P500 is mounted by means of a flange. A version for mounting on a servomotor is also available. The use of a flexible coupling is recommended for the shaft connection. The electrical connection is either a connector (IP65) or a cable (IP67). Two potentiometers allow fine adjustment of zero and gain.

Several types of output signals are available :

ATEX version / Intrinsic safety

The RIPS X500 is the ATEX version of the P500. The RIPS X500 is certified ** Intrinsically safe Ex II 1G and Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Ta= -40°C to 80°C)** . The measurement performance and size are identical. The X500 must be used with an ATEX galvanic barrier, like the X005. The output signal is analogue, type 0.5 - 9.5V or 4-20 mA See RIPS X500 data sheet.


  • automotive
  • railway
  • production machines
  • test benches
Rotary position
Measuring range
±0 à ±60°, ≥ ±60°
Etendue de mesure angulaire
160 °
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.25 %
Bande passante (-3 dB)
10000 , 300 Hz
Analog output signal
0-5 VDC
Température de fonctionnement
-40 to 125 °C
Protection Class
IP65, IP67
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Connector or cable



  • measuring range
  • Connections
  • Output signal
  • Cable extensions
  • Connector

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