Ref: DRFSk

Compact rotary torque transducer for screwing machines - ±0-2 Nm to ± 0-20 Nm

  • Measuring range: ±0-2 to ±0-20 Nm
  • Accuracy: ±0.25%
  • Output signal: ±5 V
  • Maximum rotation speed: 10000 rpm
  • Bandwidth: 1 kHz
  • Hex section ¼"
  • Very compact, for electric screwdrivers
  • Operating temperature : 30 to 100% depending on the measuring range
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60°C
  • Temperature compensation : 5 to 45°C
  • Optical, contactless signal transmission
  • Optional angle output.
  • Calibration certificate included

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DRFSk is an ultra-compact rotary torquemeter designed for automatic screwdrivers. hex-section interfaces (¼" - DIN 3126) allow direct connection to tooling without additional coupling. Available in 6 measurement ranges from ±2 to ±20Nm, non-linearity is less than 0.15%, temperature sensitivity is very low and maximum speed is 10000 rpm.

An angle output can be added as an option, useful for torque/angle characterization of tooling, valves, taps, etc... Bandwidth is 0-1kHz. Signal transmission between the measuring shaft and the stator is contactless, providing the advantage of optimized service life and minimized measurement noise.


Measuring Range 1 2 5 10 12 15 20 Nm
Section hexagonale (¼“ - DIN 3126)
Signal output 0 to ± 5 V
Accuracy ±0,25%
Bandwidth [Hz] 0-1000Hz
Operating temperature 0-60°C
Temperature compensation 5-45°C
Voltage supply 12 VDC
Angle output (-w) 360 ppr / 2 signaux en quadrature de phase
Max speed 10000 tr/min
Overload capacity 30 à 100 % selon étendue de mesure


The hexagonal-section interfaces (¼" - DIN 3126) of the DRFSk allow direct connection to tooling without coupling. The torquemeter includes amplification electronics, enabling measurement signal acquisition with a simple analog card (± 5 Vdc). The 12-pin connector includes the power supply pins (12 Vdc) and the various analog outputs.



Electronics are available for powering the DRFSk, and for simple, direct operation of the output signal.

ValueView GMV2 Value Master Base
Simple display for torque only or torque + rpm. Supplies power to torquemeter, displays instantaneous, peak or minimum value. 4 programmable alarms and RS-485 / ASCII protocol output for connection to PC or PLC. For managing tooling or product verification: Digital display of torque, speed, mechanical power and angle values. Values stored in internal memory. PC interface for automatic report generation. Data transfer via EtherNet. Programmable test cycles (friction, power, torque, etc.). Automatic report generation.



DRFSk torque meter is suitable for torque/performance measurement:

  • test benches for electric motors
  • Assembly tooling verification
  • Automotive engineering
rotatif / statique
Moment capacity
1 / 5000 Nm
Measuring Range (Torque)
1 - 10 Nm, 10 - 100 Nm
Max rotation speed
10000 rpm
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.1 %
0.1 % FS
Signal otuput
± 2,7 VDC
Sortie régime
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Protection Class


  • Angle output

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