4-channel amplifier for force/torque transducer - USB interface

  • Sortie et conditionnement numérique
  • logiciels et driver NI et VI inclus
  • Conditionnement gauges, PT1000, +/- 10Vcc
  • Alimentation 11 à 30 Vcc
  • Précision : 0.02% pleine échelle

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The measuring amplifier GSV 4USB is a compact 4 channel measurement amplifier. The amplifier GSV 4USB M12 has 4 pcs M12 round connectors for the sensor connection. The GSV-4USB is configurable for measuremengts with strain gauges and other sensors, such as displacement sensors, temperature sensors and sensors with voltage output suitable.

Sampling frequencies from 0Hz to 900Hz are configurable. No external power supply is needed due to power supply via USB port. The analog inputs of the measuring amplifier GSV-4USB can be individually configured for strain gage full bridges, half bridges and quarter bridges 120 ohms, 350 ohms and 1k. Other inputs are 0 ... 5V and 0 ... 10V and PT1000. In the variant with a SUB-D37 connector all input variants are accessible via SUbD37 Connector.

In the version with 4 pieces M12 connectors the device must be configured by solder bridges for the desired input type. PIN5 of M12 plug serves for all input variants different from straingage full- or halfbridge.

Electronic type
Signal Conditioning, Acquisition system
Input channels
Input signal type
SG bridge, Voltage (0-10 VDC)
DAQ universel
Digital output signal
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Protection Class

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