4-channel amplifier for force/torque transducer - USB interface

  • 4 channel strain gauge bridge amplifier (1/4, 1/2 or full)
  • For 1 or 3 axis force transducer, torque transducer, or any 0-5V or 0-10V sensor
  • 8 digital inputs/outputs
  • Connections: 1 x SUB-D37 or 4 x M12
  • dimensions: 120mm x 109mm x 35mm
  • interface: USB
  • Sensitivity: 2 mV/V or 10 mV/V
  • sampling frequency: 500 Hz
  • power supply: 4,5 V..5,5 V DC or via USB
  • resolution: 16 Bit;
  • Internal or external trigger
  • IP40 aluminium housing
  • Software: GSVmulti and dll + VI files included
  • SUBD15 connector included - M12 optional

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The GSV-4USB is a compact strain gage bridge amplifier with USB interface for the acquisition up to measurement signals up to 500Hz. The 4 analog channels are individually configurable: strain gauge force or torque transducer (full, half or quarter bridge, sensitivity: 2 or 10 mV/V), position transducer, active transducer (voltage 0-5V or 0-10VDC), Pt1000. The A/D COnverter resolution is 16-bit

The acquisition system includes a low-pass analog filter.

The sensors are connected to the GSV-4USB either via four 5-pin M12 connectors (Option GSV-4USB-M12) or a SUB-D37 connector (Option GSV-4USB-SUB-D37). A SUB-D25 connector is dedicated to the 8 digital inputs/outputs. The module is powered by 5VDC, or directly via USB


The configuration, visualisation and acquisition of measurements is done entirely via the GSVmulti software.. The configuration includes: the parameterization of the analog and digital acquisition channels, the sampling frequencies, the start and stop conditions of the recordings, or the definition of the alarms. The acquisition file can then be exported for post-processing in Excel or Matlab.

It is also possible to integrate the GSV-4USB into a LabView environment or a C, C++ or C# application using the drivers and dlls provided. Communication with the GSV-4USB is via USB.


  • Acquisition of force sensors
Electronic type
Signal Conditioning, Acquisition system
Input channels
Input signal type
SG bridge, Voltage (0-10 VDC)
DAQ universel
Digital output signal
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Protection Class

  • M12 connection
  • Bluetooth interface
  • CAN interface
  • Mounting accessories

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