Ref: SMT-9700 - Haute résolution - OEM

High resolution OEM eddy current sensor - 0.5 to 15mm - 1 to 3 channels

  • High resolution eddy current displacement sensor
  • Configuration for 1, 2 or 3 channels
  • Measurement range: 0-100µm to 0-15 mm
  • Resolution: < 1 nm
  • Numerous performance adjustment possibilities (range, sensitivity, bandwidth)
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with 13 eddy current probes as standard
  • Output signal : 0- 10 Vdc
  • Power supply : 15 - 30 Vdc

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The SMT-9700 eddy current sensor from Kaman measures positions / displacements without contact between the probe head and any conductive metallic target (steel, aluminium, copper) over measurement ranges from 0-100 µm to 0-15mm, with a resolution < 1 nm. The measurement is characterized by a very high frequency response (50 kHz), and is insensitive to the environment (wet, electro-magnetism, cryogenics, cutting oil, etc...). Another advantage: the SMT-9700 can manage up to 3 measurement channels simultaneously.

The analog output signal (DC voltage or 4-20mA) is compatible with any analog input of a PC, PLC or acquisition system.


The SMT-9700 system consists of a probe with integrated cable (13 models available) and conditioning electronics.


  • *Operating temperature: -196 to 200°C
      • Operating temperature : -55 to +105°C

Calibration and customization

The calibration of the SMT-9700 is performed in the factory, with the probe and the metal target of the application, under the measurement conditions (temperature, supply voltage, etc...). As an option, it is possible to specify the performances to be obtained, as well as the number of operating points:

  • resolution
  • linearity
  • number of calibration points
  • Sensitivity
  • bandwidth / filtering
  • temperature compensation


  • XYZ stage position feedback on atomic microscope
  • Z-axis position feedback in semiconductor photolithography equipment
  • Optical positioning
  • Position control of a laser engraving

More information on the principle of Eddy Current measurement: here

Eddy Current
Etendue de mesure linéaire
0.5 / 15 mm
Measuring range
0 à ±50 mm
Analog output signal
0-5 VDC
Protection Class
Tension d'alimentation
24 Vcc



  • Special calibration with non-standard measuring range,
  • Temperature compensation of the sensors.
  • Special cable; connector on the cable, waterproof feedthrough.
  • Treatment of the sensors against moisture.
  • Adaptation to special target geometry
  • Sensor cable length
  • Calibration micrometer
  • Teflon thickness gauge
  • 12 or 24Vdc continuous power supply
  • Product training and calibration technique
  • Data acquisition

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