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S-Beam load cell | Low height | ±22N to ±4500 N

  • low height S-Beam force transducer
  • Measuring direction : tensile and compression
  • Measuring range: ±22 N to ±4500 N
  • Non-linearity: ±0.05% FS
  • Non-repeatability: ±0.03 % FSO
  • Load drift: ±0.05% (20 minutes)
  • Compensated temperature: -15 to 65°C
  • Height: 18.6 mm

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Usual lead time : 2 to 8 weeks


SML is a compact, high-performance force transducer designed to measure compressive or tensile loads up to 4.5 kN in the smallest possible space. Available in 10 measuring ranges from ±22 to ±4500N, its measurement accuracy is 0.03% of full scale, with a sensitivity of 3 mV/V. The S-shaped transducer is a very good compromise between price and metrological characteristics.


The force is applied via 2 M5 or M8 threads on either side of the sensor. SML load cell is supplied with a 2m cable, and has an operating temperature range of -15 to +65°C. S-shaped force transducers are used for force measurements on test machines and other general-purpose applications.


Signal conditioning and acquisition

The SM S-type load cell requires a voltage supply comprised between 2.5 and 10VDC.

Displays, Amplifiers and Data acquisition modules are offered wherever needed.

Refer also to selection below:

24-bit display with acquisition function Display, 5 Digits High accuracy analog amplifier, Rail Din IP66 1-channel amplifier, Voltage or current output In-line miniature amplifier, voltage / current output Miniature PCB amplifier for OEM applications Data acquisition module with USB interface


  • Production quality control
  • Material inspection
  • Material strength testing
  • Simple breaking force measurement
  • Practical work in technical training
  • Model testing
  • Special machine
Precision (max error)
0.25 %
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.2 %
0.10 % FS
0.03 % FS
Temperature Compensated Range
10 to 45 °C
Température de fonctionnement
-55 to 90 °C
Zero Balance
0.009 %PE/°C
Output Signal
2.5 mV/V
Résistance du pont
350 Ω
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Measurement direction
Traction & Compress.
800 %PE
Protection Class
Measuring Range (Force)
⩽ 1 kN, 1 - 100 kN
High Accuracy, Miniature


Electrical wiring

  • Standardized outputs
  • TEDS
  • Cable connector for data acquisition
  • Extended temperature compensation
  • Conditioning and acquisition electronics
  • Cable output on request
  • 5-point calibration report
  • Display
  • Data acquisition module

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