Geometric control of railways

Geometric control of railways


  • Railway operator, in charge of infrastructure maintenance
  • Manufacturer of metrological equipment
  • Train operators


In a context of increasing rail traffic, perfect track geometry and rail profile are essential to increase traffic speeds, reduce accident risks and guarantee passenger comfort. The performance of the measuring instruments used for the periodic verification of gauge, cant, left-hand, longitudinal and transverse levelling and deflection is essential.

  • High accuracy / repeatability / stability for reliable diagnosis
  • Dynamic: low response time allows for increased diagnostic speed
  • Robustness: all-weather use, shock resistance

PM Instrumentation Solution

  • OS-325MF capacitive triaxial accelerometer: robust, ranges up to +/- 400g, allows detection of ruts and cracks in the rail profile
  • LCF-2330 servo inclinometer for longitudinal and transverse tilt detection: µrad resolution, low temperature sensitivity and response time of less than 100ms.
  • Gyrometer: for improved measurement of cant at high speed

Customer benefits

  • Compact and easy to integrate instrumentation
  • Robustness and stability: usable outdoors, operating temperature : -40 to 120°C. Almost zero drift
  • High sensitivity: detection of the smallest variations

Product selection

Inclinomètre biaxe de précision


Dual-Axis Analog Inclinometer - Rugged - High accuracy
Accéléromètre mems capacitif

ASC 273

Gyroscope triaxial MEMS ±75 à ±900°/s
OS-325 MF - Accéléromètres inox etanche 2 axes ±2g à ± 200g

OS-325 MF

Accéléromètres inox etanche 2 axes ±2g à ± 200g
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