Cable linear displacement transducer

Capteur à câble

Cases of application

In the context of product validation, position or linear displacement measurement is very often required. While many displacement transducers provide extremely accurate and repeatable measurement, even under extreme conditions (inductive, LVDT, Eddy Current, etc.), in many situations, the expectation is to have a much simpler to implement, more cost effective, and robust solution.


This is precisely where the cable (or wire) displacement sensor comes into its own.

How it works - Wire Sensor](

The sensor contains a cable wound around a spool, the end of which is attached to the element whose displacement is to be measured. The elongation of the cable is converted into an electrical signal (current, voltage, potentiometric, impulse) directly proportional to the displacement. The conversion is done by Hall effect, without contact, allowing a very high number of cycles to be reached. The cable is directly or indirectly linked to the displacement to be measured, which allows a non-normal or non-linear displacement. The measurement can be offset by cable extensions. The sensor body and the cable can be attached to the fixed or moving part of the measurement.

The benefits

  • Extremely fast and cost-effective installation and commissioning
  • Long service life
  • Wide range of measuring ranges: from a few mm to 50 metres
  • Many configuration possibilities: cable type, hanging, output signal, waterproof versions, fixing kits, etc.

Selection Guide

Features Serie ZX Série FX Série LX Série JX Série STANDARD Série HX
Type of measure linear displacement linear displacement linear displacement linear displacement linear displacement Linear speed linear displacement Linear speed
Housing Aluminium Thermo-plastique Thermo-plastique Thermo-plastique Aluminium Aluminium Acier inox Thermo-plastique
Protection class IP 40 IP 52 (IP 65 en option) IP 40 IP 52 (IP 65 en option) IP 40 (IP 50 en option) IP 65 (IP 68 en option)
Linéarité (sortie analogique) +/- 1% PE +/- 1% PE +/- 0,25% à 1% PE selon étendue de mesure +/- 0,25% à 1% PE selon étendue de mesure +/- 0,1% à 0,25 % PE selon étendue de mesure +/- 0,1% à 0,25 % PE selon étendue de mesure
Linéarité (sortie impulsionnelle) +/- 0,1% de la PE +/- 0,1% de la PE +/- 0,033% de la PE +/- 0,033% de la PE
Etendues de mesure 38 mm 50mm à 1,25m 50mm à 1,25m 50mm à 2m 50mm à 2m 50mm à 50m
Types de sortie disponibles
A - Pont diviseur de tension X X X X X
B - Pont X X
420 - 4-20 mA X X X
510 - 0-10 VDC ou +/-10VDC X X X
HM - Tension X X
V - Sortie Vitesse X X
VP - Sortie Vitesse et Position X X


This sensor technology is aimed at any industry in the automotive, aeronautical, mechanical, production or railway sectors.

Sector Application
Automotive Suspension travel Crash test Brake pedal travel Clutch position
Aerospace Wing deflection measurement
Oil & Gas Valve opening Liquid level
Production Plastic injection

Product selection

Capteur de déplacement à câble compact


Compact, low cost, IP40, 0-1250mm wire rope position sensor with analog and digital outputs
Capteur de déplacement à câble miniature


Miniature cable displacement sensor - 0 to 38 mm - Analogue output
industrial displacement sensor


Cable sensor - 50 to 375 mm - Contactless - Output 0 to 10 V
potentiometric cable sensor HX series

HX Series

Cable displacement sensor - IP65/68 - 50 mm to 50 m - Analog output
Cable sensor

Standard Series

Wire rope position transducer - IP40 - 50 mm to 2 m - TTL or analog output
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