Seat ergonomics and comfort measurement

Pressure mapping


Manufacturer of car seats & automotive supplier. These products are also intended for the development and the design of the driving position in the automobile, agriculture, public transport, aeronautic. They are used for studies on the ergonomics of the workstation and the comfort of office chairs.


As part of an innovation project, the client, a leader in the design of seats for the automobile, has set itself the objective of determining a scientific method for evaluating comfort, to help manufacturers develop the optimal seat and improve occupant well-being according to the different ways of using the car of the future.

PMI Solution

In particular, the customer was looking for a system to measure the position of the body on the seat dynamically. PM Instrumentation, specialist in testing and measurement, proposed the use of a pressure sheet measurement system : XSensor. These systems allow high resolution and dynamic pressure maps. Within the framework of this project, a system was defined as follows:

  • LX100 sensor
  • XPRO3 electronics

Avantages client

  • Extremely fast installation and implementation
  • Capacitive technology allows the acquisition of static and dynamic components of the measurement signal.
  • The excellent measurement stability ensures the repeatability necessary for a reliable comparison of different design solutions.
  • The high spatial and dynamic resolution allows the extremely fine measurement of the footprint of the human body on a seat
  • A wide choice of sensors in resolution and dimensions to adapt to all media
  • A specific calibration ISO 17025

Product selection

cartographie de pression

LX100 - Siège et Assise

Cartographie de pression pour Confort et Ergonomie
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