Miniature dynamic torque meter for electric screwdrivers

Miniature dynamic torque meter for electric screwdrivers

With its quick-connect hexagonal section interfaces (¼" - DIN 3126 - male/female), the new DRFSk rotary torque meter can be fitted instantly and measures the torque applied in operation on most automatic screwdrivers up to 20Nm, with an accuracy of less than 0.25%, and up to 10000 rpm.

The output signal is a +/- 5V voltage. An angle output can be added as an option, useful for torque/angle characterization of tooling. Bandwidth is 0-1kHz. Signal transmission between measurement axis and stator is contactless, providing the advantage of optimized life and minimized measurement noise.

A wide range of electronics is available for measurement operation, including displays, acquisition modules, control monitors and PLC interfaces.

DRFSk applications include automotive and aerospace assembly lines, electric motor testing, and test benches.

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