High performance non-contact position measurement

High performance non-contact position measurement

The KD-5600 eddy current sensor is ideal for civilian applications in mirror control, active control of magnetic bearings, vibration monitoring of rotating machinery, image stabilization and adaptive optics systems for aerospace, telecommunications, precision processes (mechanical, laser) and UAVs.

The KD-5600 measures linear, non-contact displacement over maximum ranges of +/- 2mm with < 1nm resolution, maximum bandwidth of 0-60 kHz, optimal linearity and very low noise. The KD-5600 is available in three configurations:

  • KD-5656: SPI output to interface directly to the controller
  • KD-5640: analog output, rather for test and measurement applications.
  • KD-5690 : to interface with a FGPA.

Power supply 8-28VDC, miniature connector. Compatible with vacuum and radioactive environment applications.

More information : here

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