Ref: LW12.8-50-TEL

6 Axis Wheel Force Transducer - 50 kN - Telemetry - Cars and Light Duty Truck

  • 3 moment and 3 force measurements in real driving conditions
  • Force capacities: Fx, Fz: 53 kN, Fy (lateral): 26,7 kN
  • Moment capacity: 8,1 kNm
  • Wireless Telemetry and Induction System
  • Signal output : Analog, CAN, optional EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and CANFD
  • Adapts to 14 inch and larger wheels
  • Environmentally protected and Temperature compensated
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Tested to SAE J328 fatigue strength standard
  • Remove wheel without removing electronics
  • ISO-17025 calibration certificate included
  • rental option available

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The LW12.8-50-TEL Wheel Force Transducer is capable of measuring all of the wheel forces and moments on passenger cars and light duty trucks. It provides independent output signals for vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque moments.

High grade stainless steel material and weatherproof sealing combine to provide excellent resistance to corrosion and environmental conditions making it ideal for on-road measurements; it can also be used to monitor and control laboratory tests. Temperature compensation of the wheel force transducer ensures stable output throughout a wide temperature range. In addition, all wires are precisely located to reduce sensitivity to magnetic effects.


Maximum Force Capacity, [Fx, Fz] (radial) 53,4 kN
[Fy] (lateral) at Tire Patch 26,7 kN
Maximum Torque Capacity [Mx, My, Mz] 8,1 KNm
Accelerometer range 55g
Sensor 4 arm strain gage bridges
Nonlinearity ≤ 1% of full scale output
Hysteresis < 0,5 % of full scale output
Cross Axis Sensitivity after correction < 1% of full scale output
Temperature Range, Operating -40°C to 125°C
Angular Resolution 0.17°
Weight 6 kg

Mounting and Data transmission

The Telemetry and Induction Power electronics are packaged to create a low profile assembly. The coordinate transformation box (CT2-TEL) provides CAN bus, Ethernet, and high level Analog signal outputs. CT2-TEL is field upgradeable via an embedded web page and can be set up through a web browser.

CT2 Transducer Interface Box

  • Performs real-time coordinate transformation and crosstalk compensation
  • Easy to use Zero, Shunt Calibration, and Bridge Power Off functions
  • Simultaneous Analog, CAN, & Ethernet signal outputs
  • Embedded web page enables user to change set-up options, move WFT measurement origin, view transducer static values, create .dbc file

Telemetry Stator

  • Receives and Decodes the telemetry signal from the Transducer
  • Provides High Resolution Speed & Position Signals
  • Mounts inboard of the Transducer


The system configuration and setup is completely done within a simple webbrowser on a PC or laptop connected to the CT2 over LAN. no additional Software is needed. Web interface


  • Driving behaviour assessment (comfort, grip)
  • braking tests
  • pothole testing
  • lane change testing
  • vehicle dynamics
  • durability testing
  • 6axis spinning measurements on test rig
  • tire testing

The LW12.8-50-TEL Wheel Force Transducer uses the same inner and outer bolt patterns as the TW12.8 Wheel Torque Transducer and LW12.8 Wheel Force Transducer.

Automotive - LD veh.
Number of Axis
6 Axis
Force Capacity [Fx, Fz]
12000 N
Force Capacity [Fy]
60000 N
Moment capacity
6500 Nm
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.5 %
0.5 % FS
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
  • Rim Size: ≥ 14”
  • Special Units for high temperature applications
  • Custom designs with alternative output sensitivities / load capacities
  • Services: Rental / Demo
  • Encoder / Amplifier (with or without display)

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