Ref: SF3/MC3

6-axis force transducer IP68

  • Measuring range: 445 to 4448 N
  • Tightness: IP68
  • Calibration matrix
  • Transverse sensitivity: < 2 % PE at CoF
  • Dimensions: 78 x 76 x 76 mm
  • Output signal: 10 Vdc
  • Temperature range: 0°C to 52°C
  • Wave tanks

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The SF3 sensors measure forces with three components Fx, Fy, Fz and its three corresponding moments Mx, My, Mz.

Accurate and compact, these sensors replace complex assemblies using several single axis sensors. They are easily installed on machine tools and test benches. Standard ranges for 6-axis load cells are 440 N to 2200 N.

Multi-axis force transducers are very high performance and have a design that allows for very low coupling between channels.

This generation of multi-axis load cells has very good sensitivity and accuracy of measurement from the first Newton whatever the range and model chosen. We offer IP 68 multi-axis scales for long term immersion under 10 m of water.

Our sensors include a memory with calibration information.

We propose digital electronics (GEN5) of very high performance, allowing to read this memory and to deliver a digital or analog signal conditioned according to the decoupling matrix and sensitivities according to all the measurement axes.

6 axis sensor
Number of Axis
6 Axis
Precision (max error)
0.5 %
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.2 %
0.20 % FS
Résistance du pont
700 Ω
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Measurement direction
Traction & Compress.
Protection Class
Measuring Range (Force)
1 - 100 kN
High Accuracy, Sbmersible

  • Analog output ± 5Vdc, 14 bits
  • Decoupling calculation
  • USB connection.
  • Digital output 16 Bits
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