Fatigue test on a prosthesis

Fatigue test on a prosthesis

Customer problem

To test prostheses intended for sportsmen under conditions of extreme load and fatigue

PMI Solution

Test device using a high fatigue SSMF S-sensor, connected to hydraulic actuators that apply cyclic loads.

The S-sensor is used in conjunction with a GSV2 display conditioner for viewing and recording measurements in real time via an SD card or GSVmulti software.


The device allows engineers to design prostheses, and select materials with the best weight-performance ratios.

Product selection

Conditionneur de mesure portable


Conditionneur - afficheur portable - 1 voie analogique - Sortie USB
capteurs de force en S

SSMF - ±100N à ±10kN - Fatigue

Capteur de force en S etanche
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