Study of train comfort using accelerometry

Study of train comfort using accelerometry


  • Manufacturers and equipment suppliers of trains, trams and metros
  • Railway sector

Problem / Challenge

In order to guarantee efficient and safe means of transport, equipment manufacturers are looking for a versatile means of measurement that could enable them to intervene in several aspects for easy and long-term use:

  • train safety and maintenance
  • comfort analysis, vibration analysis
  • monitoring and optimisation of braking systems, bogies, etc.

In particular, they seek to carry out dynamic tests in real-life situations in order to study train behaviour accurately and improve the automation of trains in operation.

Solution PMI

Capacitive accelerometers are ideal for railway applications as they are able to intervene on these different parameters.

The MF series of uniaxial ASC accelerometers** are particularly suitable as they allow operators to make highly accurate measurements on their own. PM Instrumentation offers a wide range of accelerometers, including the 4421 MF or 5521 MF . These are robust sensors with good resistance to shock, harsh environments and high temperatures: **They can be used in temperatures between -40°C and +125°C. Several measuring ranges are offered, from ± 1g to ± 2000g.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable and high quality products: DAkkS / ISO 17025 calibration certification to meet the requirements of the railway sector
  • Extremely high measurement accuracy: up to 0.5% of the measurement range
  • Accurate measurement and continuous use: up to 6-8 weeks of autonomous use, i.e. 2000km without intervention
  • Adapted accelerometers that meet European standards: such as EN12299, EN14363 or EN13749

Product selection

Accéléromètre mems capacitif

3511 LN / 3521MF

Uniaxial Capacitive Accelerometer - ±2g à ±400g
Accéléromètre capacitif

43xx LN/MF | 44xx LN/MF

1 axis capacitive accelerometer - ±2g tp ±400g - low noise
Accéléromètre capacitif 4-20 mA

CS-1511/1611/1711LN - 4-20 mA

Accéléromètres mems multi-axes
Accéléromètre mems capacitif

5400 LN/MF | 5500 LN/MF

3-axis MEMS capacitive accelerometer ±2g to ±400g 0-7kHz
OS-x15 LN / OS-x25MF - Accéléromètres mems étanche simple axe ±2g à ± 400g

OS-x15 LN / OS-x25MF

Accéléromètres mems étanche simple axe ±2g à ± 400g
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