ECC-2D Series - new low cost 2D compass

ECC-2D Series - new low cost 2D compass

The ECC-2D digital compass is a rugged, compact and affordable electronic compass specifically designed for naval, robotic, UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) and UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) applications or any other industrial application requiring instantaneous measurement of all 3 angles (azimuth, roll, pitch)

It combines a magnetometer with a robust 2-axis electrolytic inclinometer to provide accurate heading, roll, pitch and magnetic declination measurements to +/- 80° (roll, pitch). Accuracies are +/- 1° for heading, and +/- 1 to 3° for angles depending on the measurement range.

It is powered by 5V and is available with RS-232, RS-485 and TTL outputs.

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