Ref: LW9.5-HS

6 Axis Wheel Force Transducer - 93 kN - Forklift and Construction Equipment

  • 93 kN radial load capacity
  • 45 kN lateral load capacity
  • 9.5 kN-m moment capacity
  • Measures 3 forces and 3 moments
  • Measures X & Z accelerations
  • Adapts to 10” and larger wheels
  • Low cross axis sensitivity
  • Environmentally protected
  • Temperature compensated
  • Rugged stainless-steel construction

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The **LW9.5-HS **Wheel Force Transducer (WFT) is capable of measuring all of the wheel forces and moments on forklift trucks or other heavy vehicles with small wheels. It provides independent output signals for vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer and torque moments. It is completely weatherproof, making it ideal for testing in all conditions. It can also be used to monitor and control laboratory tests.

Performance and Housing

The matching amplifier package easily mounts onto the transducer. It amplifies and digitizes the transducer signals before they pass through the slip ring. The amplifier package also includes X and Z accelerometers and performs remote shunt calibration of the transducer.

CT2 Transducer Interface Box

  • Performs real-time coordinate transformation and crosstalk compensation
  • Easy to use Zero, Shunt Calibration, and Bridge Power Off functions
  • Simultaneous Analog, CAN, & Ethernet signal outputs
  • Embedded web page enables user to change set-up options, move WFT measurement origin, view transducer static values, create .dbc file

Amplifier and Slip Ring Package

  • Internal X & Z accelerometers
  • High resolution encoder for position & speed measurement
  • Internal smart chip contains all calibration, zero, & shunt values
  • Provides signal conditioning & amplification to the transducer strain gage signals
  • Digitizes Transducer, Encoder, & Accelerometer signals
  • Supports slip ring
Forklift - Truck - Bus
Number of Axis
6 Axis
Force Capacity [Fx, Fz]
93000 N
Force Capacity [Fy]
45000 N
Moment capacity
9500 Nm
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 1 %
0.5 % FS
Analog output signal
0-10 VDC
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
  • Rim Size: ≥ 10”
  • Special Units for high temperature applications
  • Custom designs with alternative output sensitivities / load capacities
  • Weatherproof Slip Ring
  • Encoder / Amplifier (with or without display)

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