Syringe plunger force measurement

Syringe plunger force measurement

Client issues

The customer wants to measure the force required to dispense liquid into a syringe to verify that their product meets ISO guidelines.

PMI Solution

With Interface's Model SMT, an overload-protected Type S load cell combined with a 9320 battery-powered hand-held indicator that records all measured force values, we can meet the customer's demand.


The SMT model measured the force applied to distribute the liquid and the 9320 model recorded all the measured forces and peak values.

Product selection

capteur de force en S miniature

SMT - ±5N à ±2kN - Surcharge 10x

S-type force transducer | 10x overload protection | ±5N to ±2kN
Conditionneur de mesure portable


Conditionneur - afficheur portable - 1 voie analogique - Sortie USB
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