Control of a milling / sanding robot by force measurement 6 components

Asservissement d'un robot de fraisage / ponçage


Manufacturer or user of machining station


  • Reduce the rate of non-conforming parts
  • Reduce manufacturing time
  • Reduce tool breakage

PM Instrumentation Solution

Instrumentation of the tool holder with a 6-component sensor k6d130. The continuous measurement of 3 real forces and 3 real torques is used for high precision force control of the milling and sanding processes. The MP11 miniature push-pull connector ensures permanent electrical contact with the PLC. The IP65 stainless steel sensor is resistant to oil splashes.

Customer benefits

  • Reduced number of non-conforming parts
  • Reduction in set-up time
  • Monitoring of tool wear and tear, and anticipation of tool breakage and machining degradation
  • Improved quality
  • Easy to integrate (compact size)
  • All-inclusive solution: sensor, mounting flanges, connectivity, acquisition module with CAN or EtherCAT interface.

Product selection

6-axis force sensor

K6D130 - 6 axes - Ø130 x 80 mm

6 axis force/torque transducer - 1kN/200Nm to 15kN/1,2kNm
3 forces + 3 torques sensor


Sensor 3 forces + 3 torques - 500N to 5kN - 20 to 500 Nm
Aquisition de mesure


Ruggedised acquisition system - 8 analog inputs
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