Ref: 1800 Platinum Series

Calibration Grade Load Cell - 5 à 250 kN - ASTM-E74 or ISO-376

  • Tension and compression in one unit
  • 0.005% non-repeatability
  • 0.02% creep
  • High Precision base installed
  • Tension and compression calibrated
  • Capable of 2% lower load limit per ASTM E74
  • ASTM E74 calibration standard
  • Internal electronic ID
  • Eccentric load compensated
  • 0.0008%/°F temp. effect on output
  • Connector protector standard
  • Handcrafted excellence for the most demanding calibration requirements
  • Optional ISO376 calibration

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The 1800 Platinum Standard series is an enhanced calibration grade Low Profile load cell that offers improved accuracy of performance and temperature characteristics. Additional gauges help improve the performance for best resolution at all capacities. The load cell thread adaptor, male or female, is integral being machined from the same material blank as the load cell. The integral fitting removes any uncertainty of thread engagement which with a stiff flexure could otherwise cause poor non-repeatability at lower applied forces. The 1800 units are warranted to perform down to 2% of rated capacity per ASTM-E74 and every unit is supplied with a NIST traceable ASTM-E74 calibration certificate.

Reference load cell
Precision (max error)
≤ 0.1 %
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.05 %
0.05 % FS
0.02 % FS
Zero Balance
0.0027 %PE/°C
Sensibilité du gain
0.0015 %/°C
Output Signal
2 mV/V
Résistance du pont
350 Ω
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Measurement direction
Traction & Compress.
150 %PE
Protection Class
Measuring Range (Force)
1 - 100 kN, 100 - 250 kN
High Accuracy, OEM



selon standard


ASTM E74 ou ISO 376



Visualisation la mesure en unité , gestion d'alarmes, affichage valeurs max-min.


sortie ±5VDC, ± 10 Vcc, 0-10 Vcc ou 4-20 mA.

Systèmes d'acquisition

Transmission des signaux de mesure vers un PC, un automate programmable, un enregistreur ou une application de supervision type SCADA. Post-traitement des données de mesure via Excel ou Matlab.

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