Ref: HX510 - Pression pneu dynamique

Cartographie de pression dynamique du Pneus et roulage

Cartographie dynamique des pneus :

  • Vitesse de passage : 140km/H
  • Résolution : 1.54 mm
  • Etendue de mesure : 13 bar
  • Enregistrement : 450 images/seconde
  • Surface de mesure : 400 X 400 mm

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Whatever your challenge, our IX500 series tire testing sensor solutions can handle it. Inside the laboratory or outside in the environment, they deliver reliable, accurate measurements at surface and subsurface, beneath sand or soil.

They’re available in a full range of sizes and pressure ranges that are suitable for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment used in agriculture, mining, forestry and construction.

You’ll find a turn-key solution to fit nearly every testing need, including tire profiling, tire bead pressures, tread contact analysis, and soil compaction testing.

And if we don’t have what you need, then we can engineer and manufacture a custom solution that matches your test specifications.


Gamme de pression
6.9 to 10 N/cm2
0.1 / 2.54 mm
Protection Class

406 x 406 mm

  • Calibration spécifique

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