Bridge instrumentation and monitoring

Surveillance de ponts


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In the context of new safety requirements for the operation of road, pedestrian and railway bridges, the client is looking for a complete measuring solution for its bridge operator customers that allows the early and remote detection of possible weaknesses on the bridge. The requirement:

  • To be able to accurately and reliably detect changes in inclination
  • To be able to detect deformations accurately and reliably
  • The solution must be modular and easy to install
  • The solution must be autonomous, and remotely accessible.

PMI Solution

The sensors are selected with the customer according to installation constraints, budget and accuracy requirements. The configuration of the measurement chain is carried out with the customer before the equipment is made available.

The complete ready-to-install instrumentation for bridge monitoring includes:

Customer benefit

  • Modular solution adaptable to individual technical requirements for bridge instrumentation.
  • The wide range of available sensors allows to find the best solution for the needs of measurement range, accuracy, waterproofness (IP67, IP68 versions), temperature variations (direct sunlight), installation constraints, etc...
  • Turnkey solution: Fast and flexible installation. Continuous or periodic recording. Remote access to measurements. The acquisition module can also send the measurements periodically on a Cloud service or by email.

This type of remote monitoring solution is also applicable for force, torque, vibration monitoring, etc...

Product selection

Inductive linear displacement transducer

LIPS P101/X101 - Stand alone

Inductive linear displacement transducer 0-800 mm - IP67 - Stand-alone mounting - ATEX option
Aquisition de mesure


Conditionneur 8 voies - Interface USB
inclinomètres asservi


Inclinomètre inertiel mono-axe - 1 à 90° - limite choc 1500g - sortie ±5VDC
Cable displacement sensor

JX Series

Cable displacement sensor - 50 mm to 2 m
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