Instrumentation for structure monitoring

Sensors for structure monitoring


Our instrumentation enables us to monitor the safety and ageing of structures such as roads, bridges, railways, old buildings, tunnels, dams and other structures. The implementation of measurement means allows to check the conformity of the constructions and then the instrumentation of the structures to ensure the follow-up and evolutions in time.

The measurements can be made in an automated way with wireless data transmission or with a digital connection (LAN, RS485, IP ...). These data transmissions are operated at a frequency that allows for rapid observation or intervention by the operators. Reliability is an important parameter in the choice of technology. Measurements must be reliable, stable, accurate and unaffected by environmental conditions.

The sensors are designed for outdoor use in local weather conditions. They are suitable for monitoring in marine environments and even for some in sea water where conditions are sometimes difficult and require adapted equipment.

Our products and solutions


Bridges, viaducts, footbridges, culverts, tunnels, cuttings, reinforced surveillance, historical buildings, heritage ....

Product selection

Hardened probe

LIPS P133 - Ø35

Hardened probe - 51 to 100mm - IP65/IP67
inclinomètre de précision


Rugged 1 axis servo inclinometer - ± 1 to ± 90° - analog output
Accéléromètre digital EN-50155

DXA-100/200 | Digital | EN-50155

accéléromètre de précision
Aquisition de mesure


8-channel analog amplifier and acquisition module
capteurs de force de fatigue


Capteur de force de fatigue 1.25 kN à 25 kN
inclinomètre industriel Ethernet eDXI

eDXI-100 | eDXI-200

1-2 axis high accuracy inclinometer | ± 1 to ± 60 ° | Ethernet | PoE
Capteur de déplacement inductif linéaire


Capteur de déplacement inductif de 0 à 100mm
Aquisition de mesure


Conditionneur 8 voies - Interface USB
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