Measurement of braking effort

Mesure de force de freinage


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Braking system verification is carried out throughout the life cycle of a vehicle: during the design, industrialization, approval, production and after-sales phases. This verification consists of checking the efficiency of the braking system (distance) by applying a pre-defined force. The measurement of the effort applied to the pedal must meet several requirements:

  • Installation directly on the existing braking system of a car, truck, bus, etc., without any modification
  • Compactness - must not be a nuisance for the driver
  • Accuracy: better than 0.5%.

PMI Solution

Installation of a pedal force sensor type BPFT directly on the brake pedal. The force exerted on the pedal is sent to a BTS-AM-1 module, which amplifies and transmits the measurement signal wirelessly (Bluetooth) to a cell phone for instant visualization of the force.

Customer benefits

  • Simplicity: Installation in less than 15 minutes
  • Compatibility: Solution for all types of vehicles. Can also be used on the accelerator or clutch pedal
  • Performance: The strain gauge load cell is accurate, stable, and repeatable.

The load cell can also be associated with a miniature acquisition module allowing the acquisition of the force on a PC, at high frequency, for R&D needs or automated quality control.

Product selection

Conditionnement de mesure


In-line force transducer amplifier - 25 kHz
GSV-3USB - 1-channel analog I/O module - USB interface


1-channel analog I/O module - USB interface
Capteur de force pedale


Low Profile Brake Pedal Force Transducer - 2200 N
BPFT - Brake Pedal Force Transducer -  2200N - compact dimensions


Brake Pedal Force Transducer - 2200N - compact dimensions
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