Ref: K3A125 - 3 axes - 30 à 120 kN - Ø125

3 axis force sensor - ± 30 kN to ± 120kN - Ø125 mm x 90 mm

  • Fx: 30 kN - Fy: 30 kN - Fz: 120 kN
  • Traction and compression force
  • Construction: Stainless steel
  • Non-linearity: 0.2 % PE
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 85°C
  • Force transmission: 8 x M12x1.75 threads
  • Size: 125 mm x 90 mm
  • Output: Integrated connector

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The K3A125 sensor is designed to measure forces in the three components Fx, Fy, Fz. With a cylindrical profile and reduced dimensions, this 3-axis sensor can be easily installed on machine tools, robot arms, and test benches. The mounting is done by 8 M12x1.75 threads and centering pins. Output connector MP11 24 pins. The measuring ranges in x and y are 30kN, and 120kN in z.

The accuracy is about 0.2% of the measurement range, thanks to the temperature compensation of the calibration over the range -10 to 70°C, and the compensation of crosstalks. The overload capacity is 150% (i.e. a maximum allowable overload of 50% of the measuring range). The torque limit is 6000 Nm, and the maximum allowable bending moment is 2000 Nm.

Each transducer is delivered with a factory calibration certificate. Calibration to specific measuring ranges is possible (optional), as well as ISO-17025 calibration.

Packaging, Acquisition

The acquisition of the raw measurement signals is done with :

  • a PC or PLC acquisition system equipped with a strain gage bridge input card
  • or via a conditioning module for strain gage bridge with analog or digital output, then a PC or a standard acquisition system.

PM Instrumentation recommends the GSV series of digital interface conditioning modules for their ease of use and accuracy:

  • the GSV-4USB (Conditioner / acquisition module, 4 analog inputs) or its Bluetooth version GSV-4BT M12, which can be optionally equipped with a data logger
  • the GSV-8DS (High performance module, 8 analog inputs)
  • the GSV-6LTE, equipped with a data logger and wireless connectivity

The GSV-1A4 conditioner is equivalent to the GSV-4USB, with 4 analog outputs instead of one serial output.

A visualization and acquisition software is included with these modules (GSV-multi). Dll and VI files are also provided for the development of an application under Labview or in C / Visual Studio / C++ / .net


The K3A125 is recommended for:

  • Robotics testing
  • Machine tool instrumentation
  • Monitoring of production machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Test benches
Measuring Range
60kN , 120kN
Number of Axis
3 Axis
Precision (max error)
0.5 %
Nonlinearity (% FS)
± 0.2 %
Température de fonctionnement
-10 to 85 °C
Zero Balance
0.01 %PE/°C
Sensibilité du gain
0.01 %/°C
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Measurement direction
Traction & Compress.
150 %PE
Measuring Range (Force)
100 - 250 kN
High Accuracy, Robotics

  • Calibration option (with provision of a calibration certificate)
  • Cabling service - custom cable (protection and cable length)
  • Conditioners (GSV 8DC SubD44 recommended)
  • Cables and connectors (MP11/24p/f-SubD44/m recommended)

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