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Miniature Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor - 0...500 bar - M3.5x0.35

  • Miniature high temperature piezoelectric pressure sensor
  • Dimension : M3.5 x 0.35
  • Measuring range: 0..300 or 0..500 bar
  • Output signal: 5.3 pC/bar
  • Operating temperature: -55 to 400°C (300 bar version) or -55..120 °C (500 bar version)
  • Non-linearity: < 0.5% of full scale
  • Overpressure protection: 50 bar
  • High temperature and time stability
  • Natural frequency: from 170 kHz
  • Calibration certificate and 1 m cable included

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Presentation of the T Series piezoelectric sensors

The T Series piezoelectric pressure sensors integrate the piezoelectric technology of Piezocryst's S Series sensors in the most compact footprint on the market. With a robustness equivalent to the S series, and designed around the same crystal (Gallium phosphate (GaPO4)) developed in-house, they feature excellent measurement quality up to 300 bar (Model T1-A1) resp. 500 bar (Model T1-K1), with a non-linearity of 0.5% from -55°C to 400°C (Model T1-A1) resp. from -55°C to 120°C with a diameter of only 3.5 mm These miniaturized dimensions allow the sensor to be installed in the most demanding applications.

With a bandwidth of several tens of kHz, and a resonance frequency of 170 kHz, these sensors are the reference for the study of very high dynamic phenomena: turbulent flows, combustion.

Applications of T-Series piezoelectric pressure sensors

Any high dynamic application where accurate, robust and repeatable pressure measurement is essential.

Measuring Range
< 1 bar, < 100 bar, < 1000 bar
Precision (max error)
0.5 %
Température de fonctionnement
-55 to 400 °C
Sortie analogique
analog (Current)
High temperature
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Protection Class

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  • Cable
  • Mounting kit

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