Ref: OM502LVDT

1-channel display for LVDT sensors - analog and digital output

  • Display for LVDT sensors
  • Auto calibration
  • Non-linearity <= +/- 0,02%
  • 10 readings per second
  • IP 65
  • Serial interface
  • Voltage supply : 220 Vac or 12 - 32 Vcc
  • Display : 6 digits

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The Tracker 260 series of digital panel indicators are designed specifically for use with LVDT transducers. It is compatible with a wide range of sensors, and the displayed values can be in millimetres, inches or any other measurement units.


  • Input voltage range: 0.05V to 5Vrms


The "Fast-Cal" feature provides a fast and simple method of calibrating an indicator to the transducer at any two stroke positions. The Tracker 260 is configured for the correct transducer excitation voltage and frequency as recommended by the sensor manufacturer. As LVDT transducers can only be calibrated when in situ, the sensor is set to the mechanical "low" (zero) and then the "high" (span) positions when prompted by the Tracker 260. The measured LVDT signals values are then stored, with their relevant display values, as the calibration parameters. The Tracker 260 can also automatically set the correct input gain to suit the LVDT transducers output.

Electronic type
Amplifier + Display, Signal Conditioning
Input channels
Input signal type
Analog output signal
0-10 VDC
Digital output signal
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Protection Class

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