Ref: Value-View

Precision digital display for torquemeter

  • Display for torque sensors
  • Optional speed display
  • Instantaneous / minimum or maximum value display
  • Supply voltage: 230 VAC
  • 12 V sensor power supply
  • 4 programmable alarms, tare function
  • Linearisation: up to 30 points
  • 24-bit converter
  • Analogue voltage output
  • Up to 50 readings per second
  • Optional RS-485 ASCII output
  • Optional relay outputs

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Valueview is a precision display designed for use with the DRVL, DRBK, DRFN, DRT, DRBK, DRWPL and DRW-K series of torque meters. The Valueview powers the torque meter, linearises the output signal (up to 30 points) and displays a choice of instantaneous torque value, minimum value or maximum value. Reading speed can be set.

Valueview incorporates 4 programmable alarms to detect when torque limits have been exceeded. A tare function is also available in all operating modes. The +/- function displays the direction of the measured torque.

The 2-channel version displays the torque value and speed of rotation simultaneously.



  • Test benches
  • Special machines
  • Lab and test centre
  • Quality control
  • Electric motor testing
Electronic type
Amplifier + Display
Input channels
1 , 2
Input signal type
Voltage (0-10 VDC), frequency
Analog output signal
± 5 VDC
Tension d'alimentation
10 Vcc
Protection Class

Version torque & speed

185 x 148 x 208 mm (Largeur x Hauteur x profondeur)

Version torque

185 x 87 x 208 mm (Largeur x Hauteur x profondeur)

  • Optional RS-232 ASCII output
  • Optional relay outputs
  • 2nd channel for speed display
  • cables
  • torquemeter

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