6-axis performance test of a prosthetic foot

6-axis performance test of a prosthetic foot

Customer problem

The customer wanted to know the effort and moments absorbed by an ankle prosthesis.

PMI solution

A 6-axis K6D sensor configured with a GSV8 acquisition system with 8 analogue channels allowing the configuration, visualisation and acquisition of measurements via the GSVmulti software installed on the client's PC.


The data collected by the sensor: forces and moments are transmitted remotely to a computer, thus allowing the characterization of the efforts undergone by the prosthetic foot.

Product selection

6-component force sensor


6-axis force transducer - 50N/5Nm up to 500N/20Nm
6-axis force transducers


6 axis force transducer | Fz : 2 to 20 kN - Mz : 20 to 500 Nm
3 forces + 3 torques sensor


Sensor 3 forces + 3 torques - 500N to 5kN - 20 to 500 Nm
Aquisition de mesure


8-channel analog amplifier and acquisition module
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