Force measurement - selection of the load cell

Mesure de force

Criteria for selecting a load cell or sensor

The first criteria in choosing a transducer are related to the type of test to be performed, the metrological requirements and the duration of the tests.

The type of test to be performed will determine the form of the transducer to be chosen, for example :

  • For a sample breaking machine, occasionally used for compliance testing, an S-shaped load cell can be selected. They have very good accuracy and repeatability, low cost and are often available from stock. Examples
  • For a fatigue test bench** where samples will be loaded to failure, a load cell that combines durability, accuracy and stability should be selected. This type of test generally requires high load cells Examples
  • Finally, for force measurements in multiple directions or if the direction of the force is uncontrolled, a multi-axis load cell is recommended. Other important parameters are: temperature sensitivity, metrological data, measurement accuracy, shape of the load cell, price and availability, direction of force Examples

(For information 10 N = 1.01971621 kg, 10kN = 1019.7 kg and 100 MN = 10197 Tons)

Industrial force measurement: our force products

All force sensors

Force measurement: Applications

Examples of applications :

  • Static and dynamic testing, Material control
  • Strength of materials testing, Hexapod testing
  • Practical work in technical training, engineering school and university laboratory
  • Model and sample testing, Static and dynamic force in wind tunnels
  • Stress measurement in medical technology / prosthetics / orthopaedic technology
  • Collision detection, measurements in sports medicine

Further information

Product selection

3-axis force sensor

K3D160 - 3 axes - IP67 - 2 kN à 50 kN

3-axis force sensor - ±2kN to ±50 kN - IP67
capteurs de force en S

KD40s - IP65 - ±2N à ±5kN

S-Beam force transducer- ±2N to ±5kN - IP65
capteurs de force de fatigue


Capteur de force de fatigue 50 à 125 kN
Capteurs de force galettes


Capteur de force de précision - 1,5 à 50 kN - Traction - Compression
LWCF - M6 à M53 - 15 à 1500 kN - Capteur de force rondelle de précision - 15 kN à 1500 kN

LWCF - M6 à M53 - 15 à 1500 kN

Capteur de force rondelle de précision - 15 kN à 1500 kN
Ruggedized miniature triaxial force transducer

TR3D-B - 3 axes - miniature - 1,1 à 72 kN

Three Axis Load Cell - Square- 100N to 72 kN - Endurance tests
6-axis force sensor


6 axis force transducer - 5kN/200Nm to 90kN/3kNm
Aquisition de mesure


8-channel analog amplifier and acquisition module
PMI 520 AJ - 1-channel analog amplifier for strain gage bridge

PMI 520 AJ

1-channel analog amplifier for strain gage bridge
capteurs de force en S


Capteur de force bouton de 100 N à 1 kN
3-axis load cell

K3A155 - 3 axes - 50 à 250 kN - Ø155

3-axis load cell from ± 50 kN to ± 250kN - Ø155 x 105 mm
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